Flip is an investment group specialized in hospitality management, consultancy, concept creation & strategic planning for the Food & Beverage industry.

We help both new & existing outlets create a competitive edge and a brand new identity, through our skilled team of marketers, project managers, consultants, and business strategists.


From concept innovation, restaurant design and start-up, menu engineering, to product development & consulting services, we at Flip have a specialized team to develop and implement ideas that are best practiced in the industry.

Our broad services include:
- Restaurant Set-up and Interior Design
- Market Research and Feasibility Studies
- Business Planning
- Food & Beverage Consultancy and Menu Engineering
- Business model building and strategic planning
- Staffing, Recruitment and Training Consultancy
- Marketing Strategy, Plan Development and Presentation
- Venue management and Monitoring

Mission Impossible

Our mission is to uplift the hospitality and entertainment scene, by creating customized services to our partners, and providing our customers with incomparable solutions and services to enjoy an experience of living, not only have a drink or a bite!

Vision Impeccable

We believe that our Flippin’ services will exponentially flip perceptions towards the Food & Beverage market, innovate in brilliant new ideas to serve our partners, and create a new culture of living for all our customers.


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