H2O Opening 2013

Featured Sarah Main

H2O Closing 2012

Featured Max C, DJ David Dunne from the UK, DJ Moh, DJ Deia, DJ Phat Beat and DJ Arsh on the 12th of October 2012

H2O Opening 2012

Featured DJ Rachael Starr, DJ Eddy, DJ, Deia, DJ Phat beat & DJ Moh

H2O Closing 2011

Featured a guest DJ, DJ Garith Stirling from Space (Sharm al Sheikh), DJ Nugbi, DH Phat Beat and DJ Hovsep 27th October 2011

We could not thank you enough for a wonderful season, having the biggest clubbing brand, Space, hosting over 1,300 people in one night!

H2O Opening 2011

Featured Eller Van Buuren & Chris Jones, DJ Nugbi, Kitchen Crowd, DJ Phat Beat, DJHovsep 23rd May 2011

For the first time, Amman witnessed the most successful live performance of Eller and Jones. It was a magical start to an amazing season.

H2O Closing 2010

Featured Emma Hewitt, DJ Hovsep, DJ Nugbi, DJ Phat beat, DJ Raed July 23rd.

After the great success of H2O’s first season, Emma Hewwit was the queen of the closing ceremony, with over 800 attendees!